Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It’s that time of the year when we all as a nation, supposed to come together and remember those whom we have lost in 26/11 attack. But the point is

have we learnt anything???

Has it changed the way we lived .

May be for a very few…

for a few the world has changed completely after those 3 days of horrible act of terrorism and blood bath. But for others I guess it was no more than a “damp phase”.

The uproar of “aur nahin sehna” ,

slogans such as ”enough is enough” ,” give them back” which saw all the classes and masses of not only Mumbai but the whole of India come together has faded away with time.

The question of accountability of the political class which was raised is yet to be answered and with passage of time it seems we don’t even bother for an answer and that’s why hardly any of the posh residents of Mumbai turned out to vote in this assembly elections.

The relief and rehabilitation funds are yet to reach families of the deceased and those who were injured .Even these got entangled in the bureaucratic red tapes.

Even after a year we are unable to plug the loopholes, still there is no accountability of missing and sub standard bullet proof jackets, lack of proper equipments. The same Mr R.R Patil who stated “bare bare sehron mein aisi choti choti ghatnaye hoti rehti hain” is again back as the home

I guess we are on the right track for another 26/11.

I guess I was a big fool to believe in the call for “CHANGE”… to think that something is going to

really change…or to even think about change.

So here is what I want to confess: -

Main nadaan tha,Tum nadaan the

sayad hum sabke sab nadaan the…

waqt karwat Leta gaya, par hum wahi pe reh gaye

kuch dard aur sine mein liye, hum dard k hi ho gaye

kuch aaahat si hone lagi, zameer ne pucha yeh kya hua

hum itne kamjoor the ki ,zameer se v muuh chupa liya…

ansoo dekho paani ban ke,behte behte sukh gayi

santan ki rah dekhte , ek budhiya ki aankhein thak gayi…

ek baap ne apni beti,

ek behen ne apna bhai khoya,
gaur se dekho, apne andar

tumne apne aap ko hain khoya…

Beet gaya saal,dhundli ho gayi kuch yaadein

tuut gaye netaji k ,kiye huye woh sab wadeein
deewaro pe laga lahu,pan k pik sa lagta hain
gutter main paida huwa kira v,hume dekh ke haasta hain…
jivan dekho yeha pe ab pehle se v sasta hain

Main nadaan huu,tum nadaan hoo
Jinhe sab dikhte huye v kuch nahi dikhta hain…!!!


The enough again failed to be enough!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Reporting LIVE from -SPAM BOX

It’s embarrassing & I really don’t want to write about it but somewhere , something

deep down inside me is pushing my fingers ,pumping my heart and torturing my

brain (I do have one) to go for it and to write a small report about an accident ,after

which I found myself in somebody's SPAM BOX.

One day as usual I was delivering my valuable views and sermons to one of

my friend BASANTI (name changed without a request); she belongs to the

majority of the population who consider my real-time views & sermons as

PJ’s – poor joke / pathetic joke. While discussing a national issue i.e. “ how

could I find a girlfriend??” all of a sudden my eyes got stuck on a display

picture on her profile, it was a very pleasing sight - there was a girl with

“jhuunki paalkein & mishti thobra” .

Without wasting any time ,I enquired about her and found out that that she was Basanti’s classmate

DHANNOO, Instantly Basanti’s respect in my eyes quadrupled. For probably 3832nd time wind chimes ,

guitar strings etc etc all started to play at once inside my Dolby digital

sound box .As a typical “nirlojjo” and a honest, responsible and law

abiding citizen of republic of India I immediately went to her profile

,clicked on add as a friend and typed something strange & then clicked

send. But BSNL BROADBAND–which is “best hain mere liye” was not

quite happy with me ,then & there got disconnected. I was not able to

access my broadband for next 12 days . The Dolby effect of 3832nd time

almost faded away ,when again all of a sudden while scrapping Basanti she came into my notice. We

addressed “Dhannoo” as comrade between us. I again gathered some info’s

about comrade and

forwarded the much awaited friend request.

It took me more than a week to understand that :

I was rejected. I thought it was a mistake. So,

I tried for second time, I again got rejected. So, thought lets’ try

again for one last time.

Then the third time. Result was no different. All of a sudden I was loving this rejection game.

Fourth – result was as good as 3 previous trials.

Fifth - I was becoming a pro at it.

All this while I kept Basanti updated of my deeds, coz “why should she miss all the fun”???

Then after few days came the all important sixth trial.

Sixth trial – got a scrap in response. Which read “sorry, jara faltu bengali commercial film community te

thake tara amar friend list e thake na....” .

Ok. Now at least she had shown a “valid” re-as-on. Though to my understanding it was bit weird. It was

only at that point of time , I was enlightened that watching or joining a bengali commercial film

community was such a big crime(next to murder). I thanked my lord ,thanked myself for not yet being

nailed or jailed for committing the heinous crime thrice.

I asked Basanti “eta ki holo??Prem Amar community join korechi bole erom korbe??”

Basanti said “chi chi chi.....lajja kore naa?? siggir community ta delete kor...mass comm er student k line

marchis aar Prem Amar dekhchis?? federico fellini, Elia Kazan dekh..”

I registered my point that it had one of the best bengali songs in it.

Basanti hit back with “kichu hobar nei...erakom keora type films pochondo korle kissssu hobe naa!!”

“Be a aatel and watch Federico fellini, Elia kazan and likes, then only you can be considered

I honestly heard these names for the very first time, so took little more than usual to reply. The reply

was short “era kara?”

You are bound to feel little angry, little pissed and little of everything else when you come across these

things. So did I .

I even suggested my partner in crime Basanti that “dekha hole , oke KAMRE dis”

But I was “nirlojjo” enough to push through my seventh friend request .

Seventh - in-between the sixth and seventh trial I got few more response from that side. All those were

very encouraging.

It was so encouraging that I found myself being blocked. Spam box was

my latest address. First time is always special , I bet you all will agree

on that , don’t you??? So I am enjoying my stay. During my stay

in-here I got two more messages from that side

“community unjoin korle ami join korte pari...” and

unjoin korle spam block thakbe na...”

I wanted to reply to them, but couldn’t as I was blocked.

So now Dhannoo was laying down terms and conditions. It was great ; a mass com graduate definitely

doesn’t deserve to have a “non sense” guy , who has a PREM AMAR in his list of communities to be her


Even I was thinking of removing that community as my purpose of getting the link to download the music

video’s was served(am selfish). But after all this I really don’t want to remove it. Instead I would try my

best and try hard to become the moderator of the community and mail her an “invitation” to join.

I am a big fan of “Robert Bruce and the spider “ story…. So do I have a fascination towards number eight.

If at all I get unblocked someday I will go for it again…..oohh yeaah!!

Moral of this piece of shit :-

· Spam box is not that bad a place to be in.

  • try try & fail ,but never fail to try!!!!!

P.S -
i know my tastes are cheap ,still i would recommend all those who wasted 5 min of their

valuable time on this piece of shittttt, to go thruough this video which really worth a "tuki"


Saturday, November 7, 2009

sumthing called - MBA

This happens to be my first blog & to be honest ,i don't have a clue why i am writing this blog at the very first place.May be it has something to do with the change of seasons or may be not...& as i said earlier that i don't have a clue about why am writing this blog,so i am definitely n confidently blank about the content of the blog.

Who care's for a content...do you??? May be i can write a little about my life at b-school,i.e technically/practically/basically what i did for last one and a half years.

I did nothing!! i mean , i did sumthing...but nothing productive(if you don't count my contribution to the
bottom line of the eateries n pubs nearby, college street or my honest contribution towards the bottom line of didi's ministry for buying the monthly tickets for commuting from barrackpore-2- sealdah)

Yes,i stay at Barrackpore..its also known n addressed as " gram" i.e village, by some of my buddies at the institute...hence technically am a "gaiyya"(don't miss the i) ,which means a villager.

Going to a top city institute or even thought of it was something special to me,feeling at that point of time was something really out n out,which can be only compared to 6 shots of vodka at one go. But very soon that feeling of 6 shots changed to 4,then to 2 & after a month or so it vanished.I was confused again, whether i should get pissed on others or with myself but later realized that the biggest learning of my tenure at b-school was to learn the term "COMPROMISE" & by the time i clear my finals ,i hope i will have complete command over it.

I guess my endocrine system learnt more than myself, it learnt how to harmonically sustain & survive with canteen's water-proof "kachori's" & weather proof "chicken lollypop".

day by day...week went....week by week ...months went...month by month ....year went......but my confused state of affairs maintained a status quo......

will update rest of the parts/learnings/gossips in installment :)....it's enough of "abol-tabol" for one single day