Thursday, February 18, 2010


NO smiles. No smokes. No vodka to rule the roost.

It’s very quiet down here and each one feeling the chill.

No more talks of risk , No more dating with Thrill.

Four of us sitting next to Ganges

Still wondering about the sudden changes.

The changes that have hit hard.

The changes which were here to stay.

Unable to find an alternate way.

We understood each other but didn’t knew what to say.

I hope we will get a way back again into the thick.

Though we will miss our bloody maverick.

I hope bidding goodbye would have been easier than saying “hi”.

Got No idea what makes a grown up cry.

I wish you could see ..I wish you could hear.

Missing you badly Missing you madly.


N.B To ugly soul --sParta will miss its “Horny boy” …R.I.P