Sunday, January 3, 2010


Tui ki amaye bhalobasis?

Hotat dheye elo emon ek prosno….

Bol na! tui ki amaye bhalobasis?

Holo repetition of same prosno

Hello! Hello!

Koi geli ,dicchis na keno sara?

Phone line er ei prante,

I am lost ,I am disha-hara

Hariyechi baak-sokti ami,

Gola gelo sukiye…

Ek palak ei dana holo uddhauu,

Lejj gelo gutiye.

Line martam er bondhu ke,

a-a kotha theko elo…

jhule pore jodi galaye,

Case might become kelo

“NA” sohoj e parina bolte ami,

So pressure was there & bit of chaap...

It was like standing on a bungee tray,

With no icchaa to take a jhaap.

Sahos jugiye, khullam mukh

Bole dilam shottii ta hur-muriye...

Phone line er dui prante odbhuut stob-dota

I thought amar charge geche furiye.

Khanik porei abar beje utlo ringtone,

I managed some more sahos & picked up d phone

It was her & I can feel her crying,

She could not hide still she was trying.

The call ended & the phone went dead,

Next evening ,my shoulder rested her head…

I didn’t know what to say,

So kept quiet and sat that way.

Dhorlo haath ta aste kore,

Nilo nijer hath e…

Bollo amaye,veja galaye

Bondhu hoyei thakis plzz, chiro jibon saathe!!!!

This is dedicated to “ bitching queen miss T” from her friend “baap er choto pola” aka “maa-tal” to mark 3 years of that “AGREEMENT”.

P.S - The handsome “maa-tal” & the one n ugly (not only) “bitching queen” are best of friends for the past 20 years and they will remain so forever .COME WHAT MAY.


Akash said...

'gajodhar'.... tomaye laal salaam!!

priyanka said...

to the person concerned!!!!i just can say that what u experienced is not something new or unexpexted....generally people face hurts but i guess time heals the pain....and being a frnd is not that a bad deal!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Sudipto aka Gajodhar Mahato..
Akash tokei shudhu lal salam janiyeche..
Amar tarof theke lal, holud, sobuj, nil aar ja ja rong ache sab kota salam grohon korar kripa korei amake kritartho korar onugroho korben..

oindrila said...

khub bhalo...eromi sad case hoire

He_Who_Should_Be_Named said...

chompa hoyechey!

Unknown Stranger said...
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Unknown Stranger said...

Luckily erokm hoechilo otherwise erokm akta kobita hoyto amra petamna....
Bangla kobita lekhateo soman sabolil...looking forward to ur next kobita..
As usual title ta puro Sudipto marka...

abhranil said...

beche thak toder kichu bolar nei

Avik said...

"It was her & I can feel her crying, She could not hide still she was trying..."
It takes a lot 2 write dese lines, man!

Anonymous said...

@Avik roy..
I really agree with u on that line written by Sudipto aka Gajodhar..
Really, that line is like a very nicely crafted piece of art..

pritishhalder said...

abar prem e bartho holi naki be...